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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. thank you for joining us this friday night. it may have felt like it's been building up for weeks and tonight it finally happened. supporters and protesters of trump, screaming at each other, throwing punches, shoving. tonight, trump says he's not responsible and denies anyone has been
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craig boswell has the details. >> reporter: protesters clashed with officers and with each outside the university of illinois, after donald trump postponed his rally because of safety concerns. >> thank you very much for your attendance, and please go in peace. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: the crowd of thousands erupted after the announcement. fights broke out, as people confronted each other. some got violent. at least one person charged the podium. the crowds spilled out onto the streets of chicago. >> once in a lifetime to see a presidential candidate and to walk outside, people are just yelling at you. >> power to the people! power to the people! >> i'm happy they didn't allow this in our city! >> reporter: some say postponing the rally was a mistake. >> it's a bad ed
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behavior. >> reporter: donald trump called in to cnbc to defend the move. >> chicago is the home of very bad rallies. i didn't want to see that happen. so i made the decision. >> reporter: earlier friday, 32 people were arrested at trump rally in st. louis. >> these are not good people, folks, just so you understand. >> reporter: trump dismissed claims he is dividing the country and using hateful speech. ♪ >> g.o.p. presidential candidates marco rubio and ted cruz are reacting to the clashes tonight. cruz reported that trump shares blame for the violence, saying any campaign responsibility starts at the top. rubio said trump needs to own up to the rhetoric he uses at his events. the trump rally set for sunday in cincinnati has already been canceled. a stop in dayton, ohio tomorrow morning is still on for now. another story breaking right now, the search for a missing child in dc. police are hoping you can find this 12-year-old girl. take a look.
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seen today around noon in the 700 block of kenyan street northwest. julianna is hispanic, around 4' 11, 104 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing khaki pants, a redshirt, and white air jordan tennis shoes. she was carrying a light book bag. police say if you've seen her, call 911. look at all of these people for my baby! oh, wow! i just can't believe this. >> close to 100 people gathered to mourn a 22-year-old killed earlier this week in a shooting related to domestic violence. jalisa harris died after she and her sister were gunned down in an apartment. >> ellison barber has been following the story from bouie. she has more. >> reporter: this is where harris worked, but tonight it was a place where friends and
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coworkers gathered together to begin saying good-bye. >> she was loved! she didn't have a malice bone in her body! >> she was everywhere, all the time. she was very friendly, had so many best friends. ♪ >> all she did was sing. everyone always heard her sing. ♪ >> she was so young, and i love her so much. >> reporter: in an instant, that life was taken away. police say kevin reynolds shot and killed jalisa harris and her half sister jericka jones. reynolds killed himself before police could arrest him. >> this is terrible. for a young child and her sister to be gone like this! this is terrible! please call out for help! >> reporter: the same day the sisters died, another woman was murdered in prince george's
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police said it was also domestic violence. >> my heart is heavy! so heavy! >> reporter: but tonight, no one mentioned the name "kevin reynolds." this isn't about him. it's about grieving for a woman with so much life ahead of her. >> she was harmless. she was so sweet. anything you asked her to do, she would try to do it. >> reporter: finding a way to love, even in the darkest moments. >> on behalf of jalisa, love is all in the air! she is singing! she is up there! ♪ >> reporter: there is another vigil planned for harris tomorrow. that one is set to take place at suitland high school at 6:00 p.m. reporting live in bouie, ellison barber, wusa 9. >> harris and her sister will be la
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new tonight, police have charged an odington, maryland man with murdering his girlfriend's son. under arrest tonight is 22-year- old dayton darius hogan. the victim was 2-year-old michael lee ashley. he died on monday. police say the mother was at work and hogan was caring for the child. the medical examiner ruled the cause of death blunt force trauma. in fairfax county tonight, police are searching for the killer who shot a retired world bank economist at his waterfront home in mason overnight. he was 83-year-old johan deleedy. police say his wife found him wounded after hearing a gunshot. police say she is not a suspect. pretty big weekend ahead in dc, but don't finalize your plans just yet. >> that's right. clouds and showers are moving in. let's get to chief meteorologist topper shutt for a look at our best chance for getting outside. i'll give you e
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lining. it's going to be okay in the morning, okay for the marathon. then clouds roll in quickly. showers should hold off until the afternoon. so this is early in the morning on saturday, about 7:00. temperatures in the 40s, just kind of chilly. 48 downtown. 43 in gaithersburg, 45 in silver spring and fairfax. then by 10:00, showers overspread most of the metro. we're back in the low to mid- 50s. couple of sprinkles here and there, martinsburg to frederick. don't get too hung up on the location, but know there will be light showers late morning, early afternoon. by 1:00, upper 50s. 58 downtown, 58 in manassas, but mostly cloudy. soccer games tomorrow, parents, they will be played. get ready to watch the kids play. by 4:00, still in the upper 50s with clouds across the area, with showers off to the west. then by 7:00 tomorrow night if you have plans, i would take an umbrella, but the odds are with you. we'll come back and talk about the wetter of the two weekend days, looking at the next week and of course the three-day guarantee. reminder, download the app. it's free. you can get things like the seven-dad
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3-degree guarantee right on your smartphone. only on 9 tonight, a first look at the new stadium for the burgundy and gold. and check it out. in an interview with "60 minutes," the danish architecture firm talked about the features, one, a moat for fans to walk over, or kayak your way into the facility. the stadium doesn't yet have a location, but the man behind the building is ready to make the dream a reality. >> the one thing that everybody is excited about is the idea that the stadium is designed as much for the tailgating, like the pregame as for the game itself. it literally becomes a picnic in the park. >> for a complete look at the plans for the stadium and more about the architect behind it, watch the complete better view on "60 minutes" at 7:30, right here
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an ohio judge has granted a request to let 17-year-olds vote in the state's presidential primary. ohio's election chief is denouncing the recent decision, saying a county court shouldn't have the power to change election law so close to a primary. he plans an appeal. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, donald trump rally in chicago is postponed tonight because of violence between trump supporters and opponents. tomorrow, right here in the republicans will hold their own primary. a couple thousand people are expected to cast ballots for a g.o.p. presidential nominee. 19 delegates are at stake in this contest. >> we send a total of 19 delegates to the republican national convention. this is as many as hawaii, rhode island, more than delaware, vermont. it's more than all the territories except for puerto rico. >> tomorrow's voting will
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place at the lowe's madison hotel in northwest washington. two montgomery county police officers have been awarded medals of valor. they pulled a driver out of his burning car on the beltway. rashad israel was driving home from a double shift last september when he fell asleep behind the wheel. his car hit that median and burst into flames. officers cody fields and brian nesbit risked their own lives to pull him from that car. >> the windows were up. the doors were locked. the driver's side was pinned up against the jersey wall. the only actual access we had was to the passenger side where all the flames were. >> it was exciting and intense. whatever that situation is, we overcome it and make sure we all go home safe and help out whoever we can. >> they are the heroes, because without them, you know, i don't know where i would be. they are. they are the heroes. i thank them and i appreciate them. >> we all do. israel says thanks to his two rescuers, he only suffered no
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>> lucky man. state lawmakers in annapolis restored a key provision to a bill known as noah's law, known for a montgomery county police officer killed last november by a suspected drunk driver. the bill would require convicted drunk drivers to use a device that keeps them from starting their vehicles, if they have been drinking. today, the house restored language a committee had taken out. under the restored language, drivers who refuse to use the interlock device face having a suspended license. final vote on the bill is expected next week. in prince george's county, a suspect is in custody, linked to a series of bank robberies that detectives named the hashtag string. 45-year-old leroy daily of palmer park is tied to at least nine hold-ups in the area, including four yesterday alone. detectives say he used hashtags in the notes he gave to tellers, warning them not to call police. well, family, friends,
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good-byes to former first lady nancy reagan at a private funeral in simi valley, california. [ bagpipes playing ] >> the service took place at the ronald reagan presidential library. many who offered reflections spoke of mrs. reagan's fierce devotion to her husband. daughter patti davis said her parents were two halves of the very same circle. >> my father was shot and my mother rushed to the hospital. they at first wouldn't let her see him. i have to, she said. you don't understand how it is with us. >> nancy reagan will now rest in peace next to her husband on the grounds of the presidential library. the site faces west toward the pacific ocean. if you're planning on driving into or throughout the district tomorrow, you might want to know about the more than 50 streets that will be closed at some point throughout the day. coming up next, we'll tell you why and which ones to look out for. >> and another first for president obama. how he
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the south by southwest festival in austin tonight. >> and we're going to go live to indianapolis where the terps are playing in the big 10 tournament. kristen berset is there
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. tomorrow should be a great day to catch some sights in dc, but you should know about the more than 50 road closures in town. >> well, that should make things really interesting. thousands of people will be running in the rock & roll marathon. we go live to the starting point of the marathon to help you get around. >> reporter: that's right, guys. we're here at 12th and constitution, where the marathon will kick off tomorrow. it will send a slight ripple effect throughout the entire district tomorrow, temporarily shutting down dozens and dozens of roads along the marathon route that will touch everywhere,
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northeast, southwest, and southeast. the rock & roll marathoners will be inrunng thh rougthe streets of dc tomorrow, which means no driving on those streets. more than 50 streets will be closed at some point between 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. not just side streets that don't affect anyone. we're talking about major roadways, rock creek parkway, north capital street, h street northeast, constitution avenue, among others, which could create problems for folks planning on visiting the national mall, for instance. residents who live on harvard street northwest will have a front row seat to the race and to the road closure. >> is it an inconvenience at all? >> yeah, we got to move the car and things, not park on the side of the street. whatever. they give us notice ahead of time generally. >> reporter: amy powell says she tries to turn it into a family experience. >> we often come out and watch with the kids and the dog. it's kind of exciting, watching people run through. >> reporter: tasha smith is not as amused. >> it's annoying. don't nobody want to wake up -- they coming through here waking people up early in the morning. >> i think it's cool. let the people have the fun. it's once a year. >> reporter: tell that to this district cab driver who makes his living dr
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streets. >> usually friday and saturday, yeah, our main business. >> yeah. >> reporter: it will also affect parking throughout the district. look for the signs. they are everywhere. and be patient. it will only last half the day. in addition to the marathon tomorrow, there's also shamrock fest going on at rfk stadium. you've got the acc tournament, which will continue at the verizon center. and we've mentioned the weather is supposed to be nice. folks will be down here on the mall starting to scope out the cherry blossoms and seeing all the typical sights. it's not just a marathon. certainly a lot going on in the district tomorrow. again, be patient and plan ahead, if you plan on being downtown. live on the national mall, wusa 9. >> make sure the gps is working, too. for a complete look at all the street closures for this weekend's marathon, download our wusa 9 app. you'll get those traffic alerts when you need them, and it's free. president obama traveled to austin, texas to speak at
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annual south by southwest interactive festival. the president called on the private tech industry to help solve government problems, such as connecting rural classrooms to the internet and upgrading outdated federal computer networks. mr. obama poked fun at himself when discussing the launch of the affordable care act website. >> i passed this law called the affordable care act to sign people up for healthcare. [ applause ] and, and then the website didn't work. >> i heard that. [ laughter ] >> what we realized-- >> on the issue of privacy rights -- i wanted to hear more of what the president had to say. on the issue of privacy rights, the president tends to lean more towards protecting civil liberties, but he said americans need to be prepared to make concessions on their privacy for the sake of security. it's a give and take this weekend, so we get the weekend, but we got to give back an hour.
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it's okay. a reminder, we always say check your batteries. just replace your batteries in the smoke detectors. before you go to bed saturday night, if you want, wait until 2:00 a.m. sunday morning and do it officially-- >> oh, come on. >> okay. i know you'll never make it there. >> old lady. >> never make it to 2:00 a.m. please replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and co2 detectors. 3-degree guarantee, 69 for a high, it was 73 at national. it was 72 at dulles, but it's national that we go by. 30 of the last 34, four off. we'll go 59 tomorrow. right now, 57. dewpoints are in the 30s, so a little colder air mass, but still above average for this time of year. we have been spoiled the last five or six days. saturday morning will be better than the afternoon. if you want to get a round of golf in, a quick jog, good for the marathon, it will be dry. showers roll in in the afternoon. sunday appears wetter than saturday. good news, nothing heavy over the weekend. st
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we're going to monitor monday. wet commute. may have to issue a yellow weather alert for monday. meantime, 7:00 tomorrow morning, clouds encroaching on the immediate metro area. mostly cloudy along i-81. couple showers possible. winchester, 46. 48 downtown. 45 in fairfax and also silver springs. by 10:00, clouds overspread the area, in fact all the way to the bay. now we're not low to mid-50s, couple sprinkles here and there. don't get too hung up on the exact location. just be advised a couple showers are possible. nothing heavy, nothing long in duration. 1:00, 58 in manassas. 58 in sterling. even 57 in la plata. by 6:00 p.m., a lot of clouds. not too much in the way of activity or showers. then we get into saturday night, some showers off to the west, but still temperatures in the 50s. then on sunday, late saturday night into sunday morning, showers begin to roll back through the western suburbs
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headed north and east. day planner. increasing clouds quickly, showers by 11:00 and/or 1:00, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. on sunday, showers and drizzle, 62. a wee bit milder on sunday. then warmer on monday, 70. with that could come a thunderstorm. next seven days, not as bad as it looks. just a shower possible tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. cooler, too next thursday and friday, with lows in the 30s on thursday night. >> 30s? what's that? [ laughter ] >> that's right now, here on the set. that's what it feels like. terps, okay? big game? >> trying to win their first game of the big 10 tournament tonight and they look good. >> okay. >> yeah. >> upset nebraska. we've got the details in a
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. big question, could maryland find its mojo at the big 10? quarter final action facing nebraska, the answer is you bet, they did. terps very impressive tonight. in fact, our cameras catching the terps as they left the team hotel prior to the game. they were looking very focused and they came out focused in the first half, esalpecily this guy, senior
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simply on fire, hitting three after three. in fact, he had six for the game, for 26. triple shot well. terps were rolling. later in transition, look out below, terps were up by 17 at the break. and they go on to win, 97-86. 97 points, a urtonament record. for more, let's go live to indianapolis to kristen berset who saw the big win in person. what's up, kb? >> reporter: frank, thank you so much. all is quiet now at the field house, but the maryland fans were really in this game and this team needed this victory. they had the week off, light practices heading into the big 10 tournament. of course i think most of us expected them to play wisconsin, but after nebraska upset the badgers, the terps, it didn't faze them one bit. came out big in the first half, 54 points. that's the most they have had in the first half all season long, so offensively ey
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defensively as well. you could see their swagger and their confidence come back, something they need going into tomorrow's game against michigan state, which is, of course, a rematch of last year's semis in the big 10. maryland looking to change their fate since they didn't make it out of that game with a victory. you can see that game around 3:30 right here on wusa 9. live in indianapolis, i'm kristen berset. frank, back to you. >> kristen, thank you. virginia has a chance to get into the acc finals, standing in uv's way, the team that last beat them, the miami hurricanes at verizon center. winner would face north carolina tomorrow night. now, late first half, the penetration and hits the jumper. canes down by 11. acc player of the year, malcolm brognan gets slapped, goes in. virginia's up 13 with about 2 minutes to go. looks like virginia will face carolina
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championship game down at verizon. on sunday, we got a game-on special at 11:30 a.m. big 10 final game. terps gain take on michigan state at 3:30 on wusa 9. 5:30, it's the selection show. get all the brackets set and we'll e sewhere all the locals are going. got a couple of buzzer beaters. michigan knocks off indiana with this big three! >> what! >> at the buzzer! ! wolverines win 72-69. but wait, it gets better. best finish of the way, triple ot, less than a second left, right? they think they have won it! but that's just enough time for adams to hit from -- watch here -- three quarters quarter at the buzzer! >> what! >> yes! [ applause ] >> 75-footer. guess what, that forces a fourth overtime. and uconn wins, beating cincinnati. >> get out. >> everybs
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. [ laughter ] all right. here's the seven-day. >> let everybody else in on what you're talking about. >> we're talking about losing an hour of sleep tomorrow. and that's just the way it s we spring forward, daylight saving time. some showers and rain, not everybody will see showers tomorrow. they are short in duration, mr. johnso
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